Optimize your Marketing resources

The marketing controlling cockpit helps you get a clear overview of all your projects. Make exciting comparisons in efficiency and effectiveness and leverage on your existing potential.


Overview: marketing-oriented view


Marketing effectiveness:

The Marketing-Contribution number measures the performance of an action on the basis of company-specific criteria. Thereby a meaningful figure for each activity arises.

Marketing efficiency:

The exposure value-ratio is an indicator of a communication action's efficiency. The value pictured above reflects the relation between budget and the effective exposure value of an activity.

Overview: business-oriented view

The marketing controlling cockpit is a simple tool that provides the opportunity to illustrate and compare the effectiveness and the efficiency of different activities. Beside the marketing-oriented view of the exposure value (efficiency), also business-relevant information as number of leads or turnover figures of a marketing activity is available for analysis.

Users of the marketing controlling cockpit decide on their own which business-relevant data is essential and internally available for their organisation.



By means of a simple and customizable input mask you can gather all the relevant data from your projects:

  • Project parameters: goals, budget, project leader, project area and many more
  • Efficiency: systematic determination of the marketing values of your projects in relation to the used budget
  • Effectiveness: identification of the contribution of a project to the overall marketing


The marketing controlling cockpit can be adapted to your individual needs. Define your CI / CD defaults, various users and permissions, your mix of instruments, your used brand funnel and many more.



Download valuable reports from your system very easy and without any effort on the basis of PDF-, Excel- or image files.



  • Central controlling: Control of marketing success at one glance and in one system
  • Measurement of the overall performance: Clear insights regarding efficiency and effectiveness possible
  • Ideal basis of comparing: Comparison between individual projects
  • Fact based discussions and decisions: Concrete facts & figures
  • Strengthening of your care for decision: More security, transparence and trust
  • Perfectly oriented on your needs: Pragmatic to complex approach of controlling is possible


  • Web based or stationary application
  • Applicable for different display sizes thanks to responsive design
  • Available in several languages
  • Customizable accounts with permission on appropriate level
  • Access and data security


Optimize your Marketing resources.
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